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Delivery of Vegetable & Rapeseed Cooking Oil - Collection & Recycling of Waste Cooking Oil

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Cater Oils - More than a fresh vegetable oil supplier,

we also collect your waste cooking oil for recycling into Biodiesel

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Cater Oils provides proper used cooking oil storage & collection solutions


  • Cater Oils waste oil collection barrels are fully sealed, leak & odour proof complete with clamp top lids

  • Cater Oils barrels are all UN approved for the storage of used cooking oils & fats

  • Cater Oils barrels help you to comply with environmental legislation

By using the cater oils waste cooking oil collection & recycling system, it enables you to fully comply with your duty of care and avoid costly prosecution from waste cooking oils entering drains and watercourses.


With every waste cooking oil collection you will be able to sign for & receive an electronic WTN (Waste Transfer Note) emailed straight to your inbox, with full records kept on our cloud based server. To view one of our sample waste transfer notes click here.


Cater Oils is fully licenced by the environment agency for the collection and processing of used cooking oils. We are able to provide consultancy and site reports for the correct storage areas of UCO in respect to environmental and health & safety legislation. If you want to know more about your obligations as a waste producer click here to the directed to site.


All waste cooking oils collected by cater oils ltd are recycled into biodiesel at one of the UKs leading refineries.



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