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Reusable Cooking Oil Packaging

Don't you get fed up of all this packaging? Cellophane guarded plastic mouldings inside a box, inside another box. We're told don't worry its all recyclable.... but even after sorting does it really get recycled or does it just end up in landfill will all the other waste?


Just the other day we were at a customers premises when we saw a refuse lorry collecting their general waste for landfill. The restaurant had carefully separated out its recyclable material and placed it in their special wheelie bin for recycling. We were absolutely shocked to see the refuse cart dumping it in with all the other rubbish!


We know first had that empty oil cans never get recycled due to waste management companies sorting processes. They say the empty oil drums are contaminated with oil, whether they are they have contained waste oil or only fresh oil in them and not suitable for recycling.


Our Solution


Instead of using the so called recyclable bottle in the box (BIB) packaging, Cater Oils has now introduced and promotes re-useable packaging. Our oil cans are made from high grade HDPE plastic and as long as they don't get filled with waste cooking oil they will go on to be refilled for many years. Do your bit for sutainability and switch to Cater Oils.


Re-use is always better than recycling and we hope other companies follow suit with their products.

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Cater Oils High Quality HDPE

Re-Useable Packing for Cooking Oils

bottle in box not recycleable

So called recyclable bottle in the box