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Delivery of Vegetable & Rapeseed Cooking Oil - Collection & Recycling of Waste Cooking Oil

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Please note:


We specialise in the distribution of cooking oils to the catering trade in reusable packaging and the collection of waste cooking oil.


We do not supply other wholesalers or engage in bulk export activities.


For information on bulk oil for export you can contact the refineries, ADM based in Erith London or Cargills based in Liverpool.

Tips for getting the best prices:


Rapeseed or GM Veg Oil?

Rapeseed has historically been marginally higher than veg oil, were only talking about £1 per 20L can... thats just price you pay for a better quality oil.


How much oil do you use per month?

This figure will not affect your price, we want your business no matter how much or little you use.



How often do you require a delivery? 

If you are a low volume user 1-2 cans per week we would suggest going for a monthly delivery, as you will be able to achieve similar prices to high volume customers. If you are taking 8-10+ cans per delivery, you will be getting the best deal possible.


Waste Oil

If you are able to take a barrel for your waste oil, we will be able to supply you in our returnable cans. This means we take back the empty cans for refilling saving money on packaging and disposal costs.