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Delivery of Vegetable, Rapeseed Cooking Oil & Food Products - Collection & Recycling of Waste Cooking Oil

Cater Oils Ltd

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Cater Oils is looking for motivated people to develop and manage single or multi van operations, joining our network of franchisees to deliver a national service supplying fresh cooking oil and recycling waste cooking oil from catering establishments.


Waste cooking oil is a valuable resource for the renewable fuel sector as it is recycled into biodiesel. Cater oils offers a free waste cooking oil disposal service generating leads nationwide from pubs, hotels & fast food outlets etc. Using our unique system, you will become a licenced collector and will have exclusive rights to leads generated within your territory.


Cater Oils is unique! Unlike our competitors we supply fresh cooking oil in returnable packaging, reducing customers waste & increases your profits.





The Cater Oils franchise is £24,995 +VAT which provides you with:


Training - We will train you, showing you the ropes of how to spot the best customers, how to gain their business and how to best run your franchise business.


Proven Demand - We are currently experiencing greater demand than ever before for licenced waste cooking oil collections and fresh oil spply through web generated leads.


Ongoing Business - Once you have secured your new customer you will be able to offer an ongoing weekly or fortnightly service.


Fantastic earnings potential - There are no limits to how much you can earn in your area. You can expect to earn around £80,000pa per driver from an establish customer base.


Win win business - not only do you profit from new oil sales, you profit from waste cooking oil collections.


Regular National Advertising - including extensive catering magazine campaigns, online and offline coverage.


Marketing Material - We will provide you with marketing litrature and brochures so you can target the customer you want.


Guaranteed Market - We will buy all your waste cooking oil giving you the best possible market price.

Franchise Oportunities

ARE YOU FED UP of your efforts being unnoticed and filling your bosses pockets?


DO YOU WANT TO START A BUSINESS? But you're worried about it working.



The Cater Oils franchise has a proven track record for fast growth & high earning pottential from a low investment.