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The History Of Cater Oils

Four generations in Oil

Cater Oils as it is today, evolved from a small family business (R.Howell & Sons) which began trading in the 1950s. Originally started by R.Howell and his sons, Leslie and Fred, collecting waste food from restaurants to feed their pedigree heard of wessex saddlebacks. The brothers soon found there was value in the waste oil they were collecting with the waste food and were approached by tallow traders Harris Tobias to supply refined waste oil to their customers in the animal feeds market.


By 1970 decisions were made to concentrate on growing the waste oil and fats business. Leslie Howell had 2 sons in their 20s David running the waste oil refinery & tankering depot with his uncle Fred, and Peter running the collection of waste oils with his father Leslie.


During the 1980's Peter started his own company Wokingham Oils, supplying fresh cooking oils to restaurants and targeting the larger group customers. By 1990 Wokingham Oils was servicing national contracts with the growing fast food markets such as Little Chef, Happy Eater & Whitbread.


In 2002 Peters son Malcolm joined the business, forming the company & rebranding as Cater Oils Ltd.


Cater Oils today is focused supplying healthy sutainable

cooking oils to restaurants and recycling waste cooking oils for road transport fuel and power generation.



Waste cooking oil refining 1990's

The early days of R.Howell & Sons

Refining & processing in the 1990s