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Book a Waste Vegetable Oil Collection


Cater Oil Ltd collects & recycles used cooking oil into biodiesel, saving your disposal costs. We can also deliver fresh vegetable or rapeseed cooking oil and many other ambient food products at wholesale prices.

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If you are a new or an existing customer, you can use the form below to book your waste cooking oil collection. We collect on a national scale throughout the UK, so wherever you are in the UK, we will be able to collect your waste cooking oils. All waste collections are required to be signed for on a WTN (waste transfer note), which you the customer will be given a copy either paper based or electronic. All WTN's will state the european waste code for waste cooking oils and the destination, for use as feedstock in the biodiesel industry.


We are licensed by the Environment Agency, waste carrier and broker licence number CBDU84909 view our waste licence here.